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Buying a house is one of the most important purchases you will make, buying a house as a first time buyer will be an even more daunting prospect.

Over the following few pages we have a range of tips and advice for first time buyers on finding the right mortgage.

Getting Mortgage Advice
Terms such as “loan to value ratio”, “income multiples” and “discounted mortgages” may all sound very confusing when someone explains things for the first time and it is important to get as much advice as possible. Our mortgage advisors can explain any of these terms to you, and offer a free, no obligation mortgage quotation service.

Please please fill in our quick enquiry form, or call us on 08703 500 300 for a free, no obligation, consultation.

Will I get accepted?
Buying a house may involve substantial amounts of money, but the key thing is to remember that you are buying an asset, which should go up in value, as opposed to a car, which will almost certainly decrease in value.

Always remember that it is in the lenders’ best interest to provide you with a mortgage, as long as they do not feel you are stretching yourself. A mortgage is generally a lower risk to them, compared to a personal loan, or a credit card, as they always have the house to “secure” the loan if you are unable to make your payments.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.     Copyright Jigsaw Mortgages All Rights Reserved

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